Cinematic Recording [Camera Controls]


Hello everyone.

So i create videos for YouTube but i’m about to soon do a bit of a different video and was wondering if anyone knows good ways for Stonehearth to for example make the camera movement slower and perhaps make the camera slowly move around a hearthling or a structure in the world.

I have some ideas for going close up to differents part of the town and fly over ect but would be lovely if there are more useful ways to use the camera that perhaps i’m not aware of or if there is a mod for this.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I know you can press and hold Spacebar to drag the cam with your mouse. Depending on how shaky (or not) your hand is that could do a slow fly over.


It’s certainly possible to script it. @Wharp has done a bunch of neat camera work before, so he may be able to help you.


@max99x flatters me. :smile: :heart: Yes, I would love to help you, as it seems to require only a little modification to my Follow Cam Remembers mod, plus Ive done a fair bit of dissecting the camera code.

What exactly is it you’re trying to do with the cam?


There are perhaps many things i would like to be able to control with the camera but for example using the follow hearthling i woud love if it was possible to do this with your own free angle and zoom when using follow hearthlings. normaly it’s very far away and not the angle i’m looking for.

It would be pretty cool if you could for example follow the hearthling down in town zoomed in pretty close and have an angle that makes you see a bit infront of him or perhaps have a camera that spins slowly around the hearthling or an object.
If it would be possible to for example place an object in the world if it’s required it would be cool to do that for a spinning camera.

a slow moving camera for more precision

Get the view from within a hearthlings perspective would also be quiet cool to get.

Hide UI
perhaps when using space or middle mouse to drag camera hide the cursor thingy since it would look a bit odd when recording to have it there :slight_smile:
Alt+Z still have this visible

Many ideas and many more could come :slight_smile:
If you feel like you wanna give it a try and have time for it feel free to do so :slight_smile:


Although Im planning to look into these on the weekend, I have been able to hide the cursor on dragging. But wouldn’t you find it easier to have a separate hotkey to toggle hiding the cursor?


Thanks for taking your time mate :slight_smile:
a hotkey would be really nice


Nice! I can do that :smile: Ez-pz.


I updated my followcam remembers mod to have the hide cursor toggle button, which you can set in the vision section of the controls setting menu :slight_smile: What else did you want to be able to do?


Awesome man thanks a lot will give it a try soon :slight_smile: will let you know if there is anything more


To solve your other request, the one where you want to be able to follow a hearthling real close and zoomed in, what if I made the hearthling-follow camera a toggle as well, so when youre in hearthling-follow move, you can just manually rotate and zoom the camera but it’ll keep following the hearthling?


Oh that sounds like a perfect way of doing it :smiley: