Feature Request: Follow Camera

Sometimes, I like to pause giving too many commands, and just watch my busy little Hearthlings beavering away in the town, for a while.

I would REALLY like an option to have the camera “stick” to a Hearthlng so I can sit back and watch that Hearthling go about it’s day as the camera automatically follows them. Also (or instead, i’m not fussy), a “ghost” option would be nice - click on a Hearthlng and the camera just becomes what they’re seeing as they go about their day, until you click back out again.


This feature is almost implemented, as you can click the unit name at the bottom bar and the camera will go to it. If you spam click the name, the camera will update and looks like it is following.
Except this is all manual, so of course an auto follow camera would be better.

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I would also really appreciate this feature. This would add a lot to the feeling of building a “real city” as you could walk through it instead of hovering above it.

Exactly. The main point of this game is city building, so it seems odd to not be able to “walk through your city” and enjoy it.

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Yeah, that’s a feature like in “The settlers, rise of an empire” ( i hope that’s the correct translation) I liked that too, just having a very close look at your guys amd what they were doing.

what I’d like is a first person view camera that stays attached to the hearthling but allows me to look around while the mode is active