[IDEA]-----Add a on\off focus button after Hearthlings name

Instead of having to keep clicking on the Hearthlings status\activity text.

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wha? praps’ im just slow right now, but i dont understand :stuck_out_tongue:

could you perhaps, for my convenience, explain a bit better?

edit also, welcome to the discourse :smile:

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Welcome @cro5point to our humble discourse. My name is Steveadamo and i’m the moder…I mean i’m Turtlesquish a discourse member :wink:

As @8BitCrab says your post is not so clear. But as it is your first post we’ll forgive you :wink:

Tell me if I understand right. You want the hearthling’s stats page to open when you click on one of them?
If so I think it is a great idea :smiley: However it is one of those small details which may take a while for Team Radiant to get to.

Anyway thanks for posting :slight_smile:

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now now @TurtleSquish don’t scare him away with those suspicious winkys… :wink:

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I think he means that the hearthling has its task next to its name.

uh oh it seems we have some contention over the words of @cro5point can you please clear it up for us “stupid” ones in the audience


sorry been busy,

What i mean is, at this point in time when you click on the activity (ide,mining etc…) of the Hearthling in the stat page the camera centers on the Hearthling but does not follow them. I propose to have a button next to the heathlings name in the stat window that when in the on state, the camera focus on the selected Hearthling in game and follows them.


Ahh gotcha, that is a good idea. I would even say make it a full feature w.o an on off switch. Your camera should follow the hearthlings until you click on anything else

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Yeah, that would work a whole lot simpler and more natural.

or perhaps have it toggleable in the options menu, i dont exactly always want to follow my hearthlings

ähmmm ok at the reading of the first post i have think you want a extra button in the citizen view to activate the focus ^^ so that the link which now is under the task change to an button ^^

both would be great - extrabutton for the person who doesnt find it and that the villagers will be still in focus until you move your camera^^