Easier way to see attributes of a hearthling?

Its all in the image. It would be cool if you could have button to show character info when selecting a player… Like the button in the picture.


Lol, i tried to make it look simple and now it looks really complicated and hard to interpret! :smiley:

Through exploration I found out that the job icon (In this case, the sword in the bottom left of your picture) opens up the stats screen.

It seems like poor design, because it’s an unfamiliar interaction for users and doesn’t seem at all like a button. But this is probably temporary and they will eventually improve the UI to incorporate the different menus, such as stats.

Having that hexagonal stat chart would look pretty cool on a button


Thanks, i didn’t know about the job button… :slight_smile:

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its also when you click on the name :wink:

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though as @baneblade17 and @Wiese2007 said, clicking the name and job icon does open it, however i believe that something like this should be implemented, it would fit better with the current UI style the game has.


ähmm little change ^^ click on the name just let you jump to the hearthling … @baneblade17 has give it correct its the jobicon xD


oh, well thanks for informing us :smile:

though i was certain it did open the stats screen, perhaps it was changed

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I like this idea.

I recall struggling to find the attributes of each Hearthling before I got used to the actual proper way by clicking on a Hearthling name.

This method would be much more intuitive.

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