"More Info" button on characters bar on bottom left would be helpful

When time permits, would it be possible to put a button on the character HUD that brings you to the “More Info” window? I find myself going there a lot and each time I have to:

  1. Bring up the citizens window
  2. find the right hearthling
  3. click “More Info”

I think it would be much easier just to click the hearthling you want and then click “More Info” on the HUD on the bottom right. Like so:

-.- just click his head ^^ that is the button xD

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Wat?! head explodes

Thank you :wink:


Uh… Is that not intuitive enough? =(
or can we consider this thread solved?


i think its solved ^^ i dont know if he can still answer after his head is explode xD


I have recovered from my head explostion ;). Maybe just work it into the Stonehearth tutorial, I never even thought about clicking on the characters image.