Requested GUI update to Hearthling window

I would like to see an update to the Hearthling window to add their stats and maybe level if possible. I think this would make it easier in selecting Hearthlings to do certain jobs such as footman and other stat based professions. Please excuse my crude mockup below.


I’d like something like this. When I’m looking for people to promote I just have to click through every single person to find the one with the appropriate stats.


Seconded! Such a good idea


Really good idea! That would really help!

@sdee can you ask tom if it possible? THX!


Hum…guess this isn’t that big of a thing.

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actually, i think its quite an amazing idea. but with the way that the citizens screen id going to be “upgraded” into a task manager like thing, i’m not sure this will really work :confused:

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Hey @stonemonkey, there will be a major GUI update for the Hearthling window, but not in the way you sketched above. In last week’s Desktop Tuesday, Tony (@Ponder) showed off a mockup of the new citizen window.

The idea is to allow for more fine-grained control over what everyone is doing. Yang (@yshan) started to create the actual GUI (the image is photoshop) in this morning’s Dev Stream. I really like your idea, and while I am not sure that level of detail could be displayed (limited screen real estate), I think they could probably add the profession level to the icon next to the name, and the attribute levels to the details pane (would still need to click one at a time for the attributes). During the stream Yang mentioned a few times that the new pane is Tony’s design, so hopefully @Ponder can come and chime in here in the discourse!


Stealing my thunder again, @8bitcrab!

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they have also been working on it in the recent streams

edit: somehow i totally missed the bottom of your post…

[quote=“jomaxro, post:8, topic:16946, full:true”]
Stealing my thunder again, @8bitcrab!
[/quote]actually… we do that to each other quite often :laughing:

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Hey! I already said that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:…look below the photo!
Wow, we really are jumping all over each other right now…

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we always are… :wink:

any hoo, sorry for the derailment @stonemonkey :grimacing:

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How about something like this?

This way you don’t have to click through to their profile for basic attributes. You still should be able to (for the slight variations in subattributes, equipment, morale information, job abilities…) but the base numbers should be available from this dialog. It’ll still amount to a significant time saving in the end even if it’s not “glanceable” as such. Although a glanceable display would be ideal - what about a separate tab for a “Citizen Register” that shows attributes, job levels and morale instead of work permissions?

Hopefully @Ponder or @yshan can weigh in on this before it’s finalized, streamlining access to information is pretty important and everyone’s happier getting it right the first time rather than revising stuff later on.


I think you are on the right track here, we are trying to get too much information on one screen. If this screen (as the tab says) is for work orders, we should have a tab for citizen upgrades…

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So in this evenings surprise dev stream (for the devstreamathon), there was some discussion with @Tom about the hearthling therapy UI. In chat, some discussion with @Tuhalu, @aimoluyi, and I regarding the level of detail on one screen came up. Would like to hear from more people on this topic. How much detail do you want on one screen? Should everything be in one spot with the potential need to scroll, or should it be broken up onto multiple screens with a more specific focus per page?

I think @clockler’s idea is about spot on. Obviously we’re going to see a “harvest” category too since @Tom seemed really keen about the idea, but not much else for the first go around.

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The GUI is a much needed update as players begin to expand their playtime and the size of their population.

One thing that comes to mind, however, is how this type of UI will function with an economy?

I mentioned something about economy being a feature in another thread but in the unlikely event that such a thing would happen (It would be really really cool if it did though I don’t think so - remember the DF disaster with the economy feature? Sad times) I don’t think having complete control over a worker’s job(s) would work hand in hand with an economy.

But then again, I don’t think economy would make it as a feature into the final product.


Also, this UI is great for a player who only wants to create one mega city-state where other players might look to expand to various, multiple, smaller villages over the map.

Just a few mumbles

I’m loving it all. I need to login more often to check stuff out!