[Citizen Menu] Better Citizen Management + Concept Picture

I think the picture speaks for itself.

Some things to note:

  • New tabs don’t appear until the worker has equipped the tool/weapon.

That looks awesome! (I love the names of the citizens, and what they are doing…) :smile:

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Huge fan of this - concept pictures obviously sweeten any deal.


Great Idea! Great way to organize the Hearthlings!


Thanks a lot guys appreciate the support.

first of all, feel free to release a mod that randomly generates new unit names … “Barb Dwyer”… :smile:

second, love the concept!

I could even see taking this a step further and adding a “create group/assign to group” button on the individual class screens… given that we’re already looking at all of our X type units, being able to assign them to a group right then and there might prove useful…

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This would be most useful with footmen, since we tend to have a lot of them. Not so sure about the others. I’ve only ever had one each of the rest - except for the generic workers. For me, at least, the crafter tabs would usually only have one person listed.

Still, though, this is much better than an ever scrolling list of everyone. Kudos.


Good idea, only I think the tabs should be more general, like “Crafters” or “Fighters” rather than one tab per job, because there are going to be a lot of jobs in the future.

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Yes, with usually only one person (or maybe two at most) in each job.

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i completely agree with this idea… but i do want to add to your idea…

when clicking on the person it should open up their character sheet where you can choose to do what you want with them like assign them jobs, rename them, and all that other good stuff…

when i first started playing (yesterday) i found it very confusing and difficult to navigate to the character sheet…

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It does, you just have to click on the icon beside their name, rather than the name itself.

(and if you click on their current task on the other side of their name, it moves the camera to them)

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see i didnt know that… i always had to click on the person itself to open it :stuck_out_tongue:

knowing is half the battle! GO JOE!

all the same though with new layout he is imagining you would have to click on the name to get the character sheet to open so my comment want a complete loss… maybe not needed due to the mechanics already available but still not a total loss :stuck_out_tongue:


yep, a pictures worth a thousand words :wink:

love the concept, though as others have suggested, perhaps have a tab for “Crafters”, “Combat”, Etc. so that it doesnt get cluttered with tons of different tabs :smile:

The town banner is divided into 3, remember - workers, crafters, military. So IMO those are the three tabs that the citizen roster should have.

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Agree. This simple grouping would do wonders for ease of peep management.

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hahah i totally did not know this :blush: just goes to show my knowledge of the game…

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