Reorganize the Citizen tab

I don’t know about anyone else, but I would find it a lot easier to manage my citizens if they were grouped by profession in the citizen tab rather than by alphabet. Like all the military ones are grouped up, crafters are grouped together (shared branches are together ie. cooks are next to farmer). then worker all together like they are. I just feel like that would make adjusting who’s doing what easier. Mainly toggling when the military are patrolling together or not


Yes, please! And also, fix the scrolling bug too. :merry:


Or if we could manually sort it, that would be also nice


An improvement on your idea: make citizen tab behave like a normal compter table - clicking on the column header sorts it by the contents of that column (in case of professions - just as you described).
In this way we will be also able to find unhappy hearthlings faster and tickle them into submission.


My thoughts exactly.
Except for the tickling. But now I have an idea for a new profession: The Jester. He cheers up depressed Hearthlings by tickling them, throwing pies at them, or telling this one joke about the Varanus and the Poyo, going over a bridge and… hey, where is everybody?


Did someone say “party”?

Perhaps not in the core game, but a suitable idea for a mod.

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