Citizen Management/Jobs Review

"Citizens Overview (full list)"
Banner click -> Character Info
Name click -> Expands a citizen sub section
Action Status click -> centers

“Workers Overview List” (dupe of citizens list, but only lists assigned job citizens)

"Character Info"
Name click -> change name (works if you hit enter)
“Job Abilities Tab"
Lists level buffs (trapper)
No actions
“Equipment Tab”

"Character Overview (selected citizen, lower left)"
Name click -> centers
Scroll click (only if worker) -> Choose Job window

I consider this too fractured.

The workers list overview (misspelled “jobals” by the way) doesn’t seem very useful, I have no reason to go here. Perhaps this window could morph into a “jobs tree overview”, where we could see the tree and all assigned jobs (counts).

I like the citizen info and would like to “forced” here more.
Assigning a job should be in here.
Their full “journal” should be here.
I should be able to switch citizens (next button)
I should be able to center/find in here.
I prefer the Morale/Journal to be the first tab, not equipment.
I prefer the workshop to be in the eqiupment tab, and findable from here.

Main Overview (Citizen selected)
Opens the citizen info
Find the citizen
Find the workshop
Shows the current status/action
click status -> view journal in citizen info
Shows the current job
click job title -> view job info tab in citizen info

The full citizen list should force users to the citizen overview more. The hidden actions should be removed. Clicking anywhere in the main row should “select” that citizen on the main window selected item. Really I don’t think this window should do anything else.

I do believe there is a fine line between too much forcing/clicking for more advanced users (from the time you start a town and need to see more things and after you’ve built 4 buildings and just are in the flow). So perhaps this should be tailored more, but it’s just my few thoughts as I ramp up a new town.


love the idea just being able to do all you need to do in the citizens window would be great and having the option to manually assign a citizen to work on something would be great create a queue for workers to get things done each item would be a zone like if it’s a building being constructed or a particular crop field/trap field you want them to take care of sooner than later

being able to zoom to the citizen would be great seeing what they are doing and where they are at with it and to be able to locate their current work zone as well would just bring more of a managing feel I think

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as long as option is the key word there… :wink:

the basic design has always been that the player “orchestrates” and the units carry out our order as best they can…

still, I could see where having the option to “override” a units objectives could come in handy… particularly during those times when a unit is “stuck”…

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Banished had that “high priority” zone you could drag in an area to encourage the colonists to focus in said zone - maybe Stonehearth could use that?

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interesting… would certainly blend well with the existing design/UI mechanics… :+1:

Well, there’s the issue of having overlapping zones, or zones that delete themselves after a certain amount of time, but as they’re going to be needed anyway (military patrol routes etc), may as well use them for other purposes as well IMHO :slight_smile: .

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