Cycling through citizens

Being able to cycle through your citizens from the character sheet would be awesome. Maybe small arrow buttons or something in the lower right corner? (next to the morale tab)


Welcome @Christobal, I love the suggestion, I would even take this a step further and give the option to scroll through citizens not in the character sheet. Meaning that when you presses the button it would focus your character on the next one.

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i’ll second that! :smile:

i’ll second that as well! :smile: :+1:

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Excited for Alpha 10!

Curious if there’s a method of cycling through Hearthlings with keyboard? If not, it would be quite handy! TAB key would work nicely for this. :smile:

It would also be handy to have a pair of “arrow” buttons [<-- -->] on the Character Sheet to cycle through them one at a time, left or right through the roster. Perfect spot would be right next to the name!

Small things with big impact!




the citizen management screen does make it easier (now) to jump to each of your units (via clicking their names to snap the camera to their location)… but having a keyboard shortcut that would enable this quick action would be helpful!

edit: looks like this was brought up at the end of last year, but the thread didn’t stick around for very long… let’s revive it! :smile:


Yeah there isn’t much to say except its a good idea. And Radiant better get on this fast :wink: