Hearthling List suggestions

There’s a few things I didn’t notice before. Clicking each Hearthling’s mood in the list brings up that tab in the character sheet, which is a wonderful timesaver that the game gives you no reason to expect. So I started clicking a few more things, to see if they also helped. They didn’t, so I came up with a few things I’d like to see if this menu gets done over.

  • Clicking the column headings should sort Hearthlings by that; clicking it again could sort them by that in reverse order. I imagine this would be most useful for finding high-mind Hearthlings for crafters, or high-body ones for fighters. But sorting by mood could help when you’re focused on making your 'lings happier, and sorting them by name could be a nice touch.
  • Show more info - trait icons would be amazing! I’d also kind of like to see how long my Hearthlings have been with me, but even if that’s not important enough to be a sortable category shown in this window it might be nice to hide in the character sheet.

But I’m sure there’s plenty more. Is there anything anybody else would like to see in this menu that I forgot?


I didn’t know that! Thanks!

It kinda does already, first it sorts by class names, and tie breaks by hearthling names

I agree with both suggestions

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Promoting seems more of a pain. I would like to be able to promote while looking at an individual hearthling.

Yea, kudos to radiant for that. :smiley:

This was the plan, in fact it might already be in the Planned suggestions category. It’s just that it has a low priority right now, so not sure when we will add it :frowning_face:


Quick preview of work I did a long time ago. We had planned for all things to be sortable via selection or button click. I may be able to bring this back if I get some time to dive into the citizens menu. Right now I’m ramping up on the new building UI so it’s on the backlog.