Being able to promote Hearthlings without having to open the list of Hearthlings to promote someone

I want it to be like it used to be. Currently the only way to promote a Hearthling is to click on the list scroll down and find the heathling then click on the one you want to promote then click on the job button on the left

I think the idea is to have in the unit frame only information that is useful all the time. The promotion button is something that is pressed only once in the hearthling life (for some, never) so I understand why move it to a screen where you basically can compare hearthling x hearthling to check who has what it takes to be promoted

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after the beginning, I have just about all my Hearthlings memorized. then when I get a new heathling that has the stats that I’m waiting for I want to be able to promote him right away.

I wouldn’t mind it if I had to go into the character sheet or something, even. But remembering that new Hearthling’s name after checking their stats out (since the notification selects them then goes away and the easiest thing to do then is open their character sheet), then opening the Hearthling list, finding said Hearthling, and then being able to select a new job is quite the unnecessary mental load.

I’d love for there to be at least a slightly easier way again.

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This was done for several reasons but I agree it’s tiring having to go to the citizens panel when you’re used to just click on the hearthling and click in the command button :confused:

Paging @Brackhar / @Rabid_Llama / @Sweet for thoughts.


I agree (and I think so does @Sweet) that the Promote button belongs in the Character Sheet. It wasn’t a frequent enough interaction to warrant taking up space on the selected-unit bar (in my opinion), but it definitely should be easier to get to than it is now.


Hey! I’m fine with providing a secondary location for it. I’m combing through the character sheet right now so I’ll make a space for it.

As for why it’s not on the unit frame, others here are correct. It was removed because it is too infrequent an action to take up space where other more valuable things could be.