Bug: Can't promote

I can’t promote any worker hearthling. I click the promote button and the job screen closes and nothing happens.

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Welcome to the forum, @Garrison_Zellar :smile:

Which version of Stonehearth were you playing? It appears in the left top corner inside the game.

The hearthling that you promoted, could reach the job talisman? Sometimes they take time to walk to it and then they have to do the promote animation/effect.

Could you promote other hearthlings to other jobs?


It’s 0.11.0. Yes they could, it had been moved to a stockpile. What happened was I would click the promotion and then it would give the stamp of approval. No matter how much time I gave it I could click the same promotion for the same character as many times as I wished, and nothing would happen.

Hm, does this happen on a new game, or has your game been running for a while? Are the hearthlings doing anything else, like building or harvesting?

Yep it was brand new. At first there were other tasks, but later they were doing nothing. Also I started a new game and I couldn’t replicate what happened.

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Noted. Let us know if it happens again. We’ll keep an eye out for it too. A lot has changed with our AI recently, so I’m sure there are freak bugs we haven’t gotten to yet in there. :slight_smile:

In this save file, I am unable to promote any single Hearthling to a footman at all anymore, bug happened after I had 15 hearthlings if that means anything.

Save file:Dropbox - Error

EDIT: Ok so I saved and reloaded and got an error as follows:
release-524 (x64)…ehearth/components/stockpile/stockpile_component.lua:286: attempt to index a nil valuestack traceback:
[C]: ?
…ehearth/components/stockpile/stockpile_component.lua:286: in function ‘_remove_item’
…ehearth/components/stockpile/stockpile_component.lua:138: in function <…ehearth/components/stockpile/stockpile_component.lua:137>
If its any consolation, I have everything being put in chests in the building with a yellow roof, I called it the warehouse.

After the save and reload, I was able to promote again, funny thing that.