Can't promote hearthlings at all

I Started a new game and made a stockpile, and waited for the hearthlings to place the saw and knife into it, then clicked the promte hearthling button it still says I need to make a saw with a blacksmith which I cannot possibly have at the game’s start.

oh just noticed that the saw and knife also lost the sparkling effect on them when placed into my stockpile.

Any idea what you might have done to lead to this bug?

firstly, welcome to the discourse @Dreddful :smile:

secndly, are you able to get a screenshot for us? as your a new user you will have to upload it to or some such place, and then @SteveAdamo @Relyss would be more then happy to embed it for you :smile:


I think that you might have opened the promote screen way too fast?

Could you try to open it again after checking that the saw and knife are already placed in the stockpile?

Also, about the particle effects… Sometimes they disappear (but this shouldn’t affect the game). It’s not a consistent bug, anyway.

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