Hearthlings Won't promote to new jobs

I have the items in my inventory I bought from the 150 starting gold a sword and a herbalist staff , both are not working and even making someone a carpenter is not working.

I upload the save so please check it out and let me know.


I didn’t download the save yet, but just to make sure. You’ve put a stockpile down yes?
If you havn’t the items will be in a hearthlings inventory (thus making it unacessable to others)

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Oh , didn’t know that .
Was planning on designing the base before stacking them.
Thanks !

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i put down a stockpile and temporary suspended building, the guys immediately promoted.

so marking this as not_a_bug. thanks for the help @Kaz :slight_smile:

Hehe sure thing, ran into the same thing myself a few times =)

@8BitCrab Glad to be of help :smiley:


hello! i am new to this forum and yes it’s weird to have this bug coming back 4 years later but i am trying to make it so that a guy gets a job. Simple right? well apparently not the thing is that the job items aren’t in another’s hearthling’s inventory they are in a stock pile please reply to me if you want a save file.