Feedback wanted: How do you promote?

We’re looking for feedback on how people promote their settlers. Do you promote by clicking on a saw/hoe in the world and hitting the promote icon in the unit frame, or do you promote from the citizen’s view? Vote for which one you do more/like better by “liking” one of the two posts below (or like both if you do both equally often).

Discussion also welcome!

Vote here if you promote using the scroll icon in the unit frame.


Vote here if you promote using the buttons in the character UI.


I usually use the scroll icon, but I’d have to say it’s most likely due to the fact that I’m not use to/keep forgetting about the character UI. :laughing:


Promote using the scroll icon in the unit frame is what i say it shod be.

I believe I use the scroll primarily at this point… but as has been mentioned, this is probably because I’m not accustomed to the new town mgmt screen…

I can see a tendency towards that UI once I am using more often…

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Once I discovered the UI works I never went back. I also use the UI to open the carpenters workshop so I don’t have to go back to it or hunt him down.
What would be nice is if when the npc is selected in the UI it would highlight them on the map the same as if I clicked on them. and maybe a button that says take me to to them such as the alert for goblins stealing does.

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Try clicking on their “status text” . We need to make this more obvious somehow. :wink:


I usually select the tool then promote from there. I barely use the other menu.

Thanks. When I get home I’ll mess with it.

I use both, but especially with larger populations, I consider the character UI to be the key tool for this.

Speaking of which, I think it could do with a compact mode, so that players with large populations can see all their people quicker than having to scroll through the regular list for 10 minutes (okay, I exaggerate, but still).

I almost exclusively use the Management UI. It’s nice to be able to double click them in civilian screen and look at how they stack up next to other civilians in term of Spirit, Body, and MInd(?).

Plus… it’s easier to see at a glance who is doing what. Wonderful little tool and it will be great when we have more than just 7 little villagers.


wow, nice! :+1:

i just discovered you can “jump to” a unit by clicking their name if they are currently selected as well…

so, from the town management screen, via the “status text”, or (less helpfully) when the unit was already selected, you can hop back to them via their “name tag”… :smile:


Well, why should it be only one of the options? I think both are intuitive places to look for the promotion option.

Personally, I usually use the Citizen UI, but for the carpenter (at the very start, when I don’t have many things yet between which I need to find my job equipment), I sometimes just select the saw and use the scroll icon. But yes, I use the Citizen UI dialog much more frequently. It’s especially handy as you can use that same environment to figure out the citizens’ stats/personality, if you wish to select the right man or woman for the job based on that :wink:


We have both options in the game right now because we thought it was intuitive either way too, but one thing we’re concerned about in the looooooong term is whether it sets up a sustainable and extensible mental model for the UI. For example, if players are used to promoting through the unit frame, they’ll probably be less likely to discover the citizens UI, which might hose them later when the city is so big that they can’t find the talismans to click to do the promote. However, that’s just designer speculation, hence this thread.

In general, it’s quite difficult to make a UI work at both small and large scales–but your feedback makes it much more likely :slight_smile:


Yeah… I think if it has to be one or the other, then just do it via the settler UI - it makes more sense given that Stonehearth is intended to be on a larger scale than a couple of dozen settlers, which is probably the maximum for convenient use of talismans.

Any thoughts about a tutorial mission / help tips? That might help players shift from talismans to UI…

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well they told us to vote so . . . .

I know, but I didn’t interpret it as, we’re going to axe one of them. I hope they don’t do that, at least. Although I wouldn’t presume to understand the depths of their design speculations as hinted at above by @sdee.

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We definitely want to have a tutorial in the game at some point, but we’ll probably do it last after we figure out what works best. :wink: Ideally everything would just make sense off the bat.


you are wise to avoid staring into the abyss that is Radiant’s design methodology…

for if you do, you may see a wombat staring back!

personally, i like having more than one way to accomplish a task in the UI, but i completely understand their reservations… you want to be able to effectively (and as simply as possible) communicate to the player how they can accomplish something, and hope that it translates into related actions down the road…