A new type of View? Hearthling view? First person view?

Hey guys! Was wondering what your guy’s thoughts were on being able to see through a hearthlings eyes? What if you had a button that if u click you could see what a hearthling sees, and watch what he is doing? I understand this would be a different approach to Stone Hearth, but i think it would be kinda cool. So in other words, make stonehearth first person, instead of third person. Please comment your thoughts.

Thanks, Bkman :wink:


I approve of this! Mainly cuz i find the camera rotating around objects very frustrating when building in tight spaces.
So overall i would love to see a few more camera modes.

kerbal space program has same idea where you rotate around your object…and in my opinion the first person shooter camera control is just better overall. (FPS camera is a mod for kerbal tho)

but yea would also love to have a heartling camera or just one that follows hearthling “physics” eg stairs and sutch.

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I’d love to have a “first person camera” to look through the hearthlings’ eyes, as well as an over-the-shoulder version for a little wider scope.

Following a particular hearthling around on their journey, or seeing the town as they see it, would be a wonderful feature for established towns; and for narrative projects. I’ve been trying to get hearthlings’ eye views for some screenshots, and it’s possible but very difficult… not at all practical for a video unless you’re sure the action isn’t going to move.

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Thanks for the comments @Psyduck and @YetiChow! :grinning:
I thought it would be just me who thought this would be a good idea. Turns out I am wrong. Also this would work well for builders who want to get a new look at whatever they are buildings!

Bkman :wink:

What do you guys think? Should we have FPS or not?:grinning:

I’m sort of mixed. I think a first person camera would be useful in some cases, but I don’t think that the experience wouldn’t be very stonehearthy.

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Thanks for the comment @Justin! I can see what your coming from. I am thinking this more of just a small feature for builders or regular users to use to get a better picture of the ground.