First person view / Control a hearthling

For the older folks who can remember a game called Dungeon Keeper, this was an underground making of an evil lair type of game.

One of the neat features was being able to take control of a creature and see from the first person view.

Why would that be helpful?

  1. Fun way to explore the city from a different perspective
  2. Take control of a footman or archer and take part of the action!
    3, Help build, mine, carry stuff, for tasks that you want to micro-manage
  3. Explore!
  4. Talk to citizens (like they are NPC)

Reason 6: Finally be able to look inside rooms, add furniture other stories in the way.

Which alone would make this entirely worth it for me.


I always wished for this feature in Stonehearth. This would add 100% more fun with very little effort for the developers (?) .
Well, even if a real first person should not be possible, a third person view would also be really neat to join in the (fighting) action and see your City and the interior of your hoses from a totally new perspective…

With this camera angle option even the last minecraft player would switch to Stonehearth :joy:


While I know it’s a very time- and energy-consuming task (it’s basically creating a game within the game), I can’t approve enough. DK was one of my favourite games. I feel there may be difficulties explaining this ability lore-wise (you’re not the almighty Keeper here), but it’s worth trying.

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“it’s a very time- and energy-consuming task (it’s basically creating a game within the game)”

I doubt it. Since the engine is fully 3d making a fpp mode propably wouldn’t be much more than changing camera view. There are even Starcraft 2 mods that let you control unit from first person perspective.

It would be great to see a first person view of a heartlings. NOT to control them but to see them in first person. The reason i say NOT control them is because that basically take away the whole purpose of the game. The game is not meant to be you doing what the hearthlings do, but you telling hearthlings what to do.


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First person camera is easy. First person control is hard - it’s making a character directly controllable, something Stonehearth has never promised nor planned to do before. I have some experience with modding Blizzard strategies so I’d like to point out that both Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 were created with extensive modding ability in mind, but not only that. Blizzard is a huge dev company that can allow its cinematic branch to work on a 5-minutes video for a year. Or define exactly what kind of extensive flexibility they want their game to have. I doubt Radiant has that luxury.
Long story short, Radiant (thankfully) is not Blizzard. It does not possess Blizzard’s resources.
So while I would be glad to see such a feature in the game, I also try to maintain a realistic view on things. If the devs decide to apply their limited resources and succeed, I’ll be genuinely happy.


Honestly, I’d be fine with a first person controllable view that doesn’t involve taking over a Hearthling.

I guess a 3rd/1st person camera mode with a click to move/attack/harvest function ( that is already implemented) wouldn’t require that much extra code and time :slight_smile:
Sadly it’s not on Radiant’s ToDo-List and I highly doubt that, they will ever implement it :frowning:
So the question is: Will it blend? Eehrm… Could it be modable? :stuck_out_tongue:

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y is this not in the game

It’s difficult to make it work with multiplayer. One cool compromise would be “See world through Hearthling’s eyes”, this would work with multiplayer and let you see your creations first-hand.

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massive necro! also if someone would make this, i wouldnt sync the camera to their heads, instant nausea fest :’) you would need a sort of smoothed steadycam sort of thing since hearthlings move without weight to them and take REALLY SHARP CORNERS (hell that alone would make an interesting mod, limiting the amount they can turn in one go so they take more curved corners…)

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