A suggestion about Camera Controls

You might know this post right here where he takes the in-game screenshots and 'shops them to make them look extra special.

Well, when I was trying to get a shot ready to take to him, I realized I couldn’t quite get the camera where I wanted, as it moved too much per key press.
For example

And then one right arrow key/letter D to the right.

That’s a pretty big gap.
So my suggestion is this…
Whenever one holds down the Left Shift key while moving the camera any direction, that it would move in much smaller increments than normal, so as to take the perfect picture. It might also be of use when you’re building something very intricate.


Does your middle mouse button let you drag the camera? That’d give you the small movement you’re looking for.

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yep, middle mouse button does that, you can also use spacebar + left mouse to do the same thing.

edit: oh, just spacebar and mouse movement actually, no need to click.


OOOOOO I had no idea, lol. They need a list of all the existing shortcuts somewhere. Feel free to close this topic.

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if i’m not mistaken the list on the wiki is actually up to date,


I guess i’ll see your picture soon! :slight_smile:

(Remember to remove the hud)

I’d swear when you first open Stonehearth there are some little mouse tips/tutorial in the top-center of the screen.
But they don’t appear again (I think it’s controlled via user_settings), so you might have forgotten or simply didn’t read them at that time… :confused:

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