Any way to flip the mouse controls? [middle button]<-->[right button]

Ok, so the game itself, loads of positives (some negatives too, but hey… alpha, right?) so I’m not riding the hate train here, but by God the mouse controls are one of the most counter intuitive and frustrating I’ve experienced for years. What’s more they seem to be intently the opposite to just about every other similar game out there.

Why this is? Who knows. Is it probably an easy fix? Probably, it’s likely that it’s an option in the .cfg files. Have I looked? Yeah, hence this thread.

The wrong way round you say? Yeah, completely. It’s completely counter intuitive to have a pressed middle mouse button to move across the map, while a pressed right mouse button rotates the camera.

It’s getting to the point that I’m going to stop playing the game it’s so annoying.

So far, all games and 3d softwares I used has the same controls of stonehearth.

I can’t help with swapping the buttons (not sure if there is a way), but you can use keyboard (wasd) to move, which in my opinion is better then using the mouse.

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I don’t think so. They finally added the ability to change the keyboard bindings, but I’m not sure you can change the mouse bindings.

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Yeah, I checked some of the config files but it seems to be just keys.

Can’t say that has been my experience. It’s not like I’m a novice gamer either.

I’ve used software and games with both middle mouse drag and middle mouse rotate/orbit, so I feel lost when I first start any of them after a while in another. I would like to see options to change the camera controls, though.

Yeah, I think some simple checkboxes to allow the overall assignment would be good. For a later date, just wondering if there was a way in the current build to tweak it.

Wait, is middle button really required for controls?
Don’t really like this thing in other programs cuz this button usually has the worst response.

You can use the keyboard very effectively, it has to be said, and in fact with the way you can sometimes get caught with the camera view the keys are necessary to get you unstuck.

However in terms of mouse control, you use that for moving the map around, while the right mouse button controls the camera angle. To me the move is the primary action, and binding it to the middle mouse button feels uncomfortable.

For those happy with it, I am genuinely happy for you, but for me it would be nice to see these toggleable (if that’s a word).

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Ah. Just started a new game and immediately remembered why middle mouse button wasn’t a problem for me.
I intuitively tried WSAD keys after playing some RPGs, and after realising they work perfectly here never bothered to look for other controls.

@RickyRiot BTW I’ve just noticed [Space] doubles as the middle mouse button. Yeah, I know, I could probably find this out through digging configs, but I like to reinvent wheels :jubilant:

Anyway, when you have your spacebar pressed it works exactly like middle mouse button.


Ah, nice find, thank you. Never even thought of that. While it seems a bit of a workaround I’ll give it a shot.

So I tried this. Partial success I’d say. The space does allow you to move the map but only by the screen size. You effectively stop, grab, drag your way across the map.