Regularly scheduled review of old screenshots

Continuing the discussion from I take Photoshop requests, which significantly derailed into a discussion about the old “farmland” image:

Actually this pattern should not that hard to implement. If you look at the streets, they are mainly 4 blocks wide, with the outer blocks being lighter than the two inner ones (with some random exceptions). So for every block you could check it’s neighbors (which would be 4 if you only consider the 90° direct neighbors). Now if any of these neighbors is grass/not-a-street, you choose the “rim color” (in this case light) and mark the block internally as “rim”, otherwise you mark them as “inside”. Now if an “inside” block has at least 1 neighbor marked as “rim”, you randomly assign either the light or the dark color to it (with a sufficient low probability for only 1 rim neighbor, and a higher chance for 2 or more neighbors, to keep inside edges this way). Otherwise, an “inside” block with no “rim” neighbors always gets the inside/dark color.

Well… my gardening level is not that high, but I hear, real pumpkins actually just need lots of water to grow to massive size… But yes, for Stonehearth at least I’m hoping for something more dramatic! :smiley:


first off, thanks for creating a new thread :slight_smile:

that actually made a lot of sense, i’m just so tired that i couldn’t think of a way to easily do it…

gardening level… is this where video games cross over to the real world… :stuck_out_tongue:

i wouldn’t be too surprised if thats true…

everything in stonehearth, that could happen in the real world, should have a more unrealistic or mysterious reasoning :smiley:


also, about the image, i really do hope that we eventually get those deer and boars, they just look so cute!

I strongly hope so! Last summer, I was grinding some XP on this by planting some garden radishes! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good point. The mammoth kind of dominates the images as far as animals are concerned, but yes, there’s so much more to discover in the image.


Also interesting to see that screenshot has a well.