Art Pictures Needed


I am bored as heck on my computer and i need some activity…
Can some of you people send me awesome stonehearth pictures for me to draw. Not art since i want to create art myself.
Post the photo’s in the comments and i’ll reply with the drawn picture if i thought your’s was challenging. Why am i asking for pictures of stonehearth?
I was to chill off my art exams which i did last week which was also my hardest school season. Thank You for Reading. :grin:
Pictures should be drawn around 1-3 days.

  • If you want me to draw in a particular way like: Draw on computer, draw in real-life. (I wont draw on phone or kindle or some sort because i am a rubbish drawer on that kind of technology. Computer, Pencil Draw with Colour or Black and White Drawing. I wont use paint since i dont have any + always when i paint it’s trash)

  • If you send me a village picture with people on it. The people will not be drawn since i am just learning how to draw them as part of the town. Big Pictures of them are alright. But i dont want any village + hearthling to be mixed into it because it really confuses me. I wont draw any props yet since i only know few of those.



A colored pencil version of this would look awesome!

(Featuring 8BitCrab’s Rune Mod.)


Hopefully these will provide some inspiration.

Although im still not sure how to toggle the UI


i thought this one I just took to be really cute


I am planning to release the bottom picture within 23:30 GBT or some sort. The mountains were really challenging so were the roofs.


Alt + Z toggles the UI.



I always just pressed F5 to reset the UI and took my picture before it loaded back. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s much easier, thank you!


I want to steal that as my banner for my profile. Love it!


@Averest that is exactly what I used it for! xD of you want to you can :3


so @theFipmip i got inspired by your first picture. problem is, i suck at drawing :slight_smile:


Is that some sort of 3D drawing computer program or some sort? Btw it looks fine if you removed the lines that make the houses look see through.


this is the way i was taught to draw (construction style) and i used sketchbook pro which has some nice functions for drawing with perspective



I’d love to see my artwork in drawing style! :smiley:


Nice. I will start drawing some of them on Friday because i have an exam on my back tomorrow.


Whaaaaat? How did you get those pics?


I made those myself!


i tried to draw your picture @KnightsofFriendship but got annoyed cuz i couldn’t get the colors right… so i hope someone with better drawing skills than me makes something of it :yum: