Fuck you dev game is not finished!

[FanArt] Stonehearth SpeedPaint


Very well done, somebody obviously knows how to use a digital brush

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good grief, that was well done @aksakan! :+1:

you are indeed quite talented… i wager it was probably the “simpler” part of the drawing, but the lighting effects you applied at the end really brought the scene together…

more please! :smile:

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Wow… That was fantastic. Love the lighting at the end. Great job! Please post more! :smiley: :thumbsup:

nicenicenice, lightning looks cool as hell. As a fellow artist, nice job. I get you did this for stone hearth, but… what does it have to do with stone hearth? just wondering

Amazing. I love the lighting, and such.

I would suggest making it more blocky, as the game is made of voxels, and that it is one of the themes in the game. Good job, though! Alot of us would like to see what you come up next!

Just for Future reference, this is technically called Speedart ~ just so you know