I take Photoshop requests


And here is yours!


And ofcourse, here is yours!

If anyone is still out there with awesome pics for me to customize, let me know!


oh! i found another old one that could look cool with your photoshop magic,


This one was kind of hard, because there is absolutely no depth in it. But I tried to be creative and added some more scary eyes… ghehe!


what about these ones

( old pic)


Awh man! I love those! Give me a minute… :alarm_clock:


Here you go! @Simica_Na

Gave some extra attention to your pics! They were great!


Than you in looks amazing!


A little criticism, if I may. Perhaps there’s a little bit too much contrast?


Games have, by default, a lot of contrast. Still I found it suitable to take it up a notch so I did… I think it is just my style on these photo’s. Criticism is never wrong! :smiley:

I am actually a photographer and my real-life photos are totally the opposite of this. Low contrasts and High lights.


I was bored today so I made another myself :smiley:


thank you for the work done!


Great work, man. How long have you been doing this?


Well… I am working with photoshop for about over 7 years. Before that I worked with non-professional programs like Paint.NET (free to use). Photoshopping Stonehearth pictures in particulair for around 3weeks.

I also started a YouTube channel with my friends since January. It includes 1 Stonehearth video, with more to come! If you wish to take a visit, here is a link. Knights of Friendship Channel Trailer

By the way, I still take photoshop requests! So if you have any awesome screenshots of your Stonehearth universe, please, send them in! :smiley:


Love to see what you can make of this. Would love it to be a bit brighter, pretty dark right now :slight_smile:


Something like this? :slight_smile:


Got one for you. Have fun!


very nice, love it. Replaced my avatar with it :slight_smile:


Here you go


I’ve got some more. Multiple angles of the same shot, basically.

#2 is my favorite