I take Photoshop requests


Can you make it shine like the holy trown it is supposed to be? :slight_smile:


Or just make this awesome shot shine :slight_smile:


@thelegorebel I did your number 2:


Well, this shot got some attention:

But THIS one even more! (You totally saw that coming dont you?)

I get a lot of Night-time pictures… Can I have some daytime screenshots? :smiley:



Perhaps it also could use a better crop out… idk.
Night time pictures are really cool thou :stuck_out_tongue:


I expected something like that yeahh, perhaps a picture of a dev’s in it hahahah


@Doc_Brano Nah, the devs aren’t shit :slight_smile:


I really love this picture, but it’s in very low resolution and has poor quality. Do you have a High-res version of this? :smiley:


I really liked doing this one! :slight_smile: Thanks!


Maybe this… I lost the save of this game session… D: so this is all I have of it.


@lios You might notice a small increase in chickens.

Cinematic Camera Angles

apparently i really like nighttime screenshots, because thats almost all i have… :stuck_out_tongue:

but here’s a couple more oldies that you might be able to use…


Remember when the ground was al stoney and grey? Well… not anymore.


here’s some new ones i thought you might like… i seem to have a goblin theme going on…


hey @KnightsofFriendship, fellow PSer here…

so… um… Do you have any steps in manipulating these arts? Please?



@8BitCrab We just released our first real viral video, so I was a bit busy. I will soon work on your send in pictures! :slight_smile:

@Hunyo18 I will give you some photoshop magic:

The first thing I do is duplicate the bottom layer, the send in picture. So I can always go back to the original and see the difference for example.

After that I will add lightsources, to highlight sunlight, streetlights or campfires. To do this, you select your duplicated layer and go to: Filter > Render > Lightning Effects. For sunlight I use the Spot Lightning, for Campfires or streetlight I use the Point Lightning.

Then I duplicate the layer with all the Lighting fx. I’ll always add a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer on top of that and increase the brightness a bit so it is juuuust right. I also add a Color Balance, Vibrance and sometimes Selective Color adjustment layer.

For the DoF part I use my new duplicated layer and add Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur on top of the whole layer, so everyting is blurry. Then I make it a masklayer and use the Gradiant Tool to remove the blurryness in front of the picture. Of course, something on the foreground is still blurry then. I mask them out with a brush tool to make them nice and sharp again.

It depends on which picture I photoshop, sometimes I add other fx or adjustments.

wow, that were a lot of words… I hope I helped you out a bit. If you want to know someting in particular, just ask! :smiley:


When the goblins are running scared, it always makes me think they are advertising something, bringing important news or greeting everyone around them.
I so don’t wanna kill them at this point.


I was wondering about the blooming effect back then. Thank you so much! :blush:



Today is a beautiful day to chop some wood.

@8BitCrab, I find your submissions pretty difficult, because I don’t like the grid on the floor… :frowning:


this one turned out beautiful!

that’s fine, i’ll try and remember to make sure i’m not in the middle of mining when i take screenshots next time… no promises :stuck_out_tongue: