I take Photoshop requests


I want to upload some of these to my steam art work which will be on friends only and I will link the page in the description to where the photos come from I just want to know if I have your permission to post them just so my friends can view them. My steam name is Huskysniff12


@huskysniff Hi Husky! Good to hear that you like my artwork!:tada: It’s okay if your share/re-upload my artwork anywhere, but please make sure that you give proper credits (Rensius on Steam) to me and indeed a link to this page! :smiley: Don’t upload them to the StoneHearth community Artwork page though. I upload them there myself.

I would love to make some cool pictures for you and your friends.

@8BitCrab, I look forward to your next submissions! :yum:


Okay, Thank you! I am trying to get my friends into the game still I know I can get one when multiplayer comes along which is very far away.


Here is one I just took!



@huskysniff here you go!


Thank you! that looks amazing!




Here’s a pretty cool battle from debris. I wish i could turn off the health indicators though


@theFipmip & @micheal_handy76_mh I really enjoyed your photos!

Health indicators? What health indicators? :smiley:


Yay! Easter eggs!

Guys, I was thinking about making a little video tutorial on how I make these in Photoshop… anyone interested? :smiley:


Yes! I really want to learn how to make those awsome pics! :slight_smile:


That last picture is so lovely! :smiley:

Easter (colored) eggs are actually a cool idea for a mod.


Thanks! It was just a little idea I came up with! I would love to see it integrated in the game :smiley:

If you have any pictures, just let me know! :blush:

Oh and by the way, I want to make this little photoshop tutorial, but I need a really good, nice looking close-up shot, maybe with some visible sky :slight_smile:


Love this. We could call it Renewal or something.


Maybe one of these?


@XanYder They were not good enough for the tutorial video… But they still were pretty nice! :smiley:


Thanks :slight_smile: ,so what did you miss?


@XanYder I’d like to see some pictures with a lot of depth (something fun/cool on the foreground and something interesting in the background) and with several light-sources: sun, campfires and streetlights.

Anyway, here are two pictures I did myself! :smiley:


here’s a screenshot i just took, would love to see your work your magic on it,