Fan made 1920X1080 Stonehearth wallpaper!


Here is a fan made wallpaper I made from their art work on their website. Hope you enjoy, I wanted to share this with you all if you were looking for a unique wallpaper of this wonderful game.

*Radiant entertainment owns all the original art work used for this wallpaper, I do not take ownership and/or credit for this.

Link to get 1920X1080 image



Oh man! That’s awesome! Downloaded!


Love it! Great work!


Aaahhh… my desktop looks great now :smile:

Nice work!


Very nice… I made myself one, so I think ill add yours to my collection.

Here is the one I use. I think I prefer yours though, its simpler.


Thank you! Glad you all enjoy it! if any one wants a different resolution, just ask and i’ll make a link to it!


really well done! just added it the current mix of SH desktops…


So I found these wallpapers I made a long time ago, just laying around.
I don’t know why I haven’t put them on here, but now they are :stuck_out_tongue:

All of them are 1920x1080.
They are simple, but I hope you like them :smiley:

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Version 4

Version 5

Version 6


These wallpapers all look amazing! I hope the devs release more pin-ups for us, reusing all the old ones get kinda bland.


nicely done… i believe #6 is my favorite… :smiley:


I really hope so too, and in the highest resolution possible :slight_smile:

Thank you I like that one to. :slight_smile:


I love it, nice job @Papercut13 - Now my desktop background!


Thanks for the wallpaper! It’s so epic!!


These are nice wallpapers!


@Papercut13 Is it ok to use this wallpaper? My first thought was to have it as thumbnail for youtube videos or so.

Really nice, have it as wallpaper myself :smile:


Sure, use it to your liking!