Stoneheart wallpaper #1 / #2

Hi all, I just created a wallpaper for the die hard Stoneheart fans. I hope you guys like it and enjoy the free graphic.
Here is the link to the curse forum of Stoneheart where I posted the wallpaper (I can’t upload it here yet).

1# click to enlarge

2# click to enlarge

Kind regards, Fabian.


loading wallpaper heheh :smile:

This looks great! I get kind of a scrapbook feel about it.

Awesome wallpaper, love the ‘Loading Wallpaper’ Easter egg

That’s my new wallpaper. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

@Fabian, what do you think of this?

Looks good! And thanks guys :blush: And thanks to the anonymous moderator who uploaded it on discourse ;).

It was the system. :stuck_out_tongue:

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system is my middle name… duhhhh… :wink:

@Fabian, nice work on the wallpaper! :+1:


Haha, lol. :P…

:open_mouth: really? I feel dumb…

I think it was system who converted the file into here? I have no idea, might’ve just been Steve ‘System’ Adamo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Steve/System :stuck_out_tongue:

I created another wallpaper 5 seconds ago. Sorry for the double post though. :confused:

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@SteveAdamo holds back his wrath a bit if you double post on your own thread :thumbsup:

you guys know all our tricks… clearly we need to devise some new devious one…

rubs his hands together … deviously?


Oh great, now I’m going to have to sneak around the forum, while knowing that something unexpected and undoubtedly inappropriate will leap out at me… :scream:

well… inappropriate, yes… that much is a given… :smile:

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