HD Stonehearth Wallpapers

I know that Team Radiant has given us multiple very nice wallpapers for our computers, but they don’t work at all for devices that are the height of the wallpaper’s width. If it is not too much trouble, I would greatly appreciate if someone could give us better quality renders like the castle or mammoth pictures.


I wouldn’t mind some wallpapers. =p

I also wouldn’t mind some desktop or mobile wallpapers.

i have already ask for an wallpaper of the halfman :wink:

As far as mobile wallpapers go, these would be great discussion starters. My friends see my phone, ask what the wallpaper is, and I have a good opportunity to tell them all about this great game called Stonehearth. It’s free advertising, and since the models are already made and exported, the only thing that needs to be done is rendering the images with greater quality.

I agree with this. Before GW2 came out I was using concept art as my mobile backgrounds and it always seemed to spark conversation, unfortunately the concept art was the only good thing about that game.

If I think about it… it wouldn’t take me long to throw together a few backgrounds… but i’m at work, maybe i’ll try when i get home.

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Testing Phone Wallpapers 640x960

Someone want to try these out? They are iPhone4 Resolution, but might work otherwise


They both work fine on the Galaxy S3. The first one the very far right and left get cut out but it is very minor…

Makes sense, the resolution on the s3 is quite a bit different.

Could you maybe try out some with 1920x1080 quality? They look nice, but the logo would be cut off with my icons.

Well the archer one that i messed with was originally 1920x1080

Here it is.


And i’m sure you’ve looked through these.



Sorry, I meant the reverse ratio. This is for a phone.

Right-oh, i’ll see if I can whip something up later.

I hate to bring up such an old topic once more, but I’m sure these would be greatly appreciated by the more frequent phone users on the forum.

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I am too am in desperate need of phone backgrounds. Also some Stonehearth shirts would be cool… @SteveAdamo

I agree! can’t wait to see what sort of swag we’ll eventually be able to buy for SH… :wink:

Steve… You’re such a tease… I ban you! :wink: