Super Widescreen resolution concern

I everyone, as i’ve just order a new screen (the asus mx299q) with a 21:9 resolution (2560*1080pixel) i wonder if stonehearth will support this really specific resolution, i’m pretty sure that some screen of the team have the same resolution because it is helpful for working environnement and gaming but i want to know. Thank.

Be understanding, english isn’t my native language.

Actually some modern and some older games, dating back to Mass Effect 3 and Dirt 3, have full 21:9 support. It also is one of the most common aspect ratios, so I expect Team Radiant to acknowledge this resolution. The link below will also explain more about your aspect ratio, and how you can use it to the fullest:

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you might try the resolution suggestion @Geoffers747 provided here:

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I don’t think it’s so much an issue, it’s more that @Eloniel is wondering if Stonehearth will natively support that resolution. Honestly @SteveAdamo.

Thank for the link Tugenius.
I support stonehearth in the kickstarter but i don’t know why but i thought i was already registred on the discourse so thank Steve.

Geoffers747 is right i am wondering if the game will support natively this resolution. The New interface have a lot of “pop-up” windows so the extra space compare to a traditionnal 1920*1080 would be useful.

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I doubt it. While this is technically already possible (I believe in windowed mode you can scale it to whatever you want), it’s a lot of effort to get it right UI-wise and therefore not worth the time.

If you simply scale the UI up (i.e. design the GUI for 16:9, then scale down/up as required), you would end up with weird stretched, but mostly lots of empty space. I don’t know how useful that would be.

Lot of game already support this resolution so i don’t know why Stonehearth couldn’t, the ui need to be pretty much same sized as 1920*1080 but avoid UI stretching. I believe only a radiant member can answer my question.

I could name a lot of features “lots of games already support and I don’t know why Stonehearth couldn’t” (the last part would mostly be a lie, but let’s say that ignorance would be a bliss), it doesn’t make it better. If you want to support such uncommon resolutions, you need to test them too - which means that you need to spend time testing this (rare) resolution, maybe get the equip to do it - and do it every time you want to push a release. Especially with GUI, testing can become rather tedious.


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If Geoffers747 or Steveadamo could transmit the question to the team it would be kind.

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Hey @Eloniel, the game should totally run at that resolution. Basically, the game runs at all kinds of resolutions, but if you have less than 1080 pixels vertically, you will get some blurryness in the UI as the rendering engine scales the assets down to fit.

When the screen is bigger than that, the popups will be the same size. They’re pinned to the left/right/top/bottom, so you’ll just have more space in the middle of the screen. It won’t stretch the graphics or anything.


Thank for the answer =)

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