[NLA] Alpha 1 - Resolution Issues


I’m playing on 1280x720p and i can’t craft things because the UI just is too big for me. Also some parts of the UI overlay the text based info system.
I also expected some kind of settings menu to turn on fullscreen mode?

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I would say overlaying is a bug. And I’m also having those resolution problems. If it’s not too much trouble, could you post your problems with the UI here-> http://www.stonehearthguru.com/forums/alpha-beta-testing-nexus/support/bug-reports


I don’t really like the idea of registering on ANOTHER forum… :confused:


If you don’t mind, give it a shot… there may have been some account “magic” where you already have an account associated with your backer email…


i had problem - i am not sure if its bug or not - its better i ask first

i am trying to change the size of screen currently the infomation popup is not visble

my screen is 1024x725


Take a look at my thread.


I might have a solution I’ll write it in text and paste pictures.

Right click Stonehearth in Steam -> go properties -> go local files .> browse local files -> Right click ‘Stonehearth.json’ -> open with notepade -> change the resolution to your respective resolution.

No idea if it works will now try it.

Edit: Nope! Never mind.Well, it works a bit, for example I’m running 1366 x 768 and it still overlaps.


If that works it’s a direct move to current workarounds.


You, SIR, are EPIC! :smile:

EDIT: I have to withdraw what i said. Fullscreen worked and with putting in my own resolution i got a little more to see. I still can’t click on the carpenters crafting button.


No, you don’t go to user_settings.json, you have to open stonehearth.json and edit that file. @Geoffers747 get everyone back here!


What?! I’m confused.


Yes, the file naming is perhaps a little bit out of convention, but that’s how you do it.


okay the size nearly fixed but how get in fullscreen mode?

A couple of bugs i've noticed

There should be a line that says something to the effect of:

enable_fullscreen;false{(random symbol thingies)


change this:

“enable_fullscreen” : false,

to this:

“enable_fullscreen” : true,


Works now its easy to do it


But the UI is still overlapping and i can’t see the apply button of the carpenter…


I have the same problem so don’t worry you’re not alone!

I imagine the icons don’t scale down(?) which is a problem …


Might want to add in that Notepad ++ is the ideal program to edit this file with.


can be used with normal Notpad