Weekly FanArt : Original drawing style

This time, I drew worker girl but changed drawing style.

Lower body was skip. Sorry :wink:

See you again~


She is so adorable :heart: :heart: :heart:
I want to give her a hug :speak_no_evil:

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Each week I am amazed with the drawings you do, the style of this one is awesome, keep it up! :smiley:

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as always… just beautiful!

I almost expected to see a speech bubble with “Pikachu… I choose YOU!” :smile:


Amazing as usual, Keep up the good work!

I’m gonna laugh when this pops up in a Pokemon mod.

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One question - what’s with the thick black lines around the eyes? I’m looking & thinking “can’t be eyebrows, unless she has two sets, can’t be eyelashes, uhm…” :stuck_out_tongue: . I mean, it’s a nice piece, but… yeah, I’m confused by that bit.


It is just describing eyes in drawing style, don’t look & think seriously. :blush:


What do you use to draw your amazing drawings with?

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Once again dumbfounded by how well you work. Can’t wait to see what you make next :smiley:

There you go!

(It’s a nice but expensive Wacom… and I don’t have the funds :(!)

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Perfectly charming. Can I ask what you do for a living? Cause I sure hope it’s this