Stonehearth Youtube Fan - Art

Hello all! @Prof_Crafter here, and with great news! For all who don’t know about my youtube, here is a link: , but aside that, here is what I bring: Fan - Art! Dedicated to Charlie, my Wolf-Man model!

Sorry about the lighting around his eyes.

My best attempt at a bone! :smiley:

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You mean werewolf, right?

No, the Wolf-Man is a mighty and awesome creature!

On a serious note, great job on the modeling! I like the bone, but maybe you should make the middle of the bone a bit thicker.

No, actually! If you aren’t familiar with my molf-man (Basically wolf humanoids.) They are just a type of wolf who are capable of doing human activities. (I made them up!)

So, basically anthromorphic wolves?

But, let’s get on with the topic, god job on the modeling! Can’t wait to see what you have in store!

Great work, i subbed and im gonna enjoy the watching the channel grow :smiley:

Here is another piece of art:

No caption, but I assume you get that he is waving!

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Please note: These are all basic pictures! Expect more content (backgrounds) later!

wow, very nicely done @Prof_Crafter!

excellent job with the poses… adds so much character to and already impressive model…

yes great poses. :thumbsup:

In the Christmas spirit, Charlie decided to dress up as Santa Paws!

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Merry Christmas everyone!


Yet another forum goer who can use Qubicle better than I… sigh If only I could use it.

But in all seriousness, very nice voxel creations! I do like your wolf-man… :wink:

/little girl voice


and yeah, I’m on the nice list!

What have you asked Santa Paws for christmas this year, @SteveAdamo? :wink:

Santa’s such a sellout this year, I think he’s hoarding the likes!

:frowning: It must be a conspiracy! Perhaps, on the discourse, the amount of likes are slowly decreasing and there will be a like apocalypse!