Stonehearth Real Life Models (WIP)

Well I couldn’t contain myself any longer…I was talking to @Avairian when the idea hit me to make real life stonehearth models. I have done woodwork crafting and sculpting in the past and I have plenty of craft paint laying around. With this knowledge in mind I immediately started planning it out, in the end I went the easy route and bought 1/2" wooden cubes. I am currently irl modeling @Pandemic’s katana for Nihonjin. So far I only have the handle done, but I couldn’t contain myself any longer :wink:

So here is a low quality picture of my progress so far. (I promise the end version will be shown in a much better quality picture)

I hope you guys are as excited for the finished version as I am :smiley:


Impressive, this will be all wood?

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yes, it is cheap light and paints well

cant wait to see it in the higher quality this one makes it look like the handle has curves lol :stuck_out_tongue:

nice! cant wait for it to be finished :smiley:

[quote=“Unatan2, post:2, topic:11380”]
Impressive, this will be
[/quote]when i first read that i didnt see the coma, i thought you were yoda. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This is something I considered doing back when Cube World was popular. I would recommend 1/3" cubes, they aren’t too much smaller but significantly cheaper.

Someone needs to make a hearthling. Or maybe I’ll do it. :slight_smile:


You mean like this?:


Well, not quite. Those are little moveable action figures that must by 3D printed and require a lot of work to prepare. These are somewhat simpler.

Does anybody have any idea as to how we can attach the hearthling hands to their shoulders?

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Clear tubes or rods of some sort?

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Oh, clear tubes would work. I was thinking of metal rods but those would stand out too much.

Very carefully placed magnets! :wink:

You can try using fishing line, but would need a base or other supports to tether the pieces in place


Could someone tell me the voxel count of a hearthling?

Okay, after doing a bit of math…

The best (read: smallest) cubes I could find were 3/8" wooden cubes in bulk prices. Without leaving hollow spaces, a hearthling head alone would be $90, not including the price of the rest of the body. Assuming the body and head are hollowed out, the entire thing will still cost around $80-150 just for a wooden model.

tl;dr Wooden models of hearthlings are way too expensive compared to what they’re actually worth.


Sorry for the delay on the finish product, I’ve caught a cold and I’ve been feeling pretty miserable. Hopefully I’ll get it done soon.


i feel strange liking a comment that says your sick…

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