Possible Model an O.C.?

is it possible to model this character

into a StoneHearth character & will it be hard??
(and yes i drew that ^_^)


Well, I would suggest to give it a try :wink:.

With the style of Stonehearth you will run into some limitations (if you want to stay true to it), e.g. the mouth is not shown on models and also the flexibility with eyes is a bit limited. You might need to use other things to increase the recognition value (like special cloth or items carried / used by the character).

P.S. You might like this thread for some impressions on how it could turn out.

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gee thanks XD but what program are u guys using?? i still have no idea on that

To create a voxel model, most people here (as the devs) are using Qubicle Constructor. There is a free basic version available which has not that many limitations (basically some export limitations).

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thanks i’ll go look for some tutorials on it right away XD

By chance I have just finished and uploaded a short tutorial on how to use the tool. Some tips and tricks you might find here. And here you can see some other videos which are using Qubicle.


alright im good to go thanks a bunch! X3

oh my god i could never draw that good 0_0. She will look really cute in voxels! Keep up the good work!

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that is some really nice work! shading, light reflections… are you self taught or have you had formal training?

best of luck in your modeling endeavors! :smiley:

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self & youtube taught actually XD i picked up some techniques while watching others speed paint.

as for the shading my friend taught to do it wherever i like at first then improve on it by look at myself & things around me for reference ^^

question? where can i find a base model for a StoneHearth character? Male/Female?? so i will have some guide on what to do XD

here’s a whole host of files for ya… enjoy!

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lmao thanks alot! will enjoy this err… might take some time though ^^