Ceramic Figures

I had the chance to make some Stonehearth things out of clay. 2 figures are currently in progress, but here’s this one. New to the whole ceramics things so it isn’t great. But it is fan art xD.

Its a hammer if you cant tell what he is holding. Like I said, two figures, a stoneling and an entling, currently firing. Should be coming soon.


looks great! maybe the next one you make could be more squared?
I would not mind having this standing on my desk!
Thank you for sharing :merry:


did someone else already made that out of wood? If not then I guess I should change that haha^^

Looks good man! Probably better than what i could do on my first time.

This one was for a school project, but my others are not. Sadly it could not be square.

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Sorry I didn’t post these sooner. I had trouble with pictures. Anyways, they were a bit rushed, but I like them. The stone one does not have arms simply because I wasn’t sure how I could position them on there. Anyways, hope you enjoy these xD. They aren’t that great, but whatever.