Professor's Army of Voxels

Hello again, stonehearthians! PC is back with new models for all! First, I give you my fish-man model from my previous topic!
Now, I give you my new model… the wolf-man!

His name is Charlie, he is my friend! :smiley:
Here’s something to look forward to: Soon I will be purchasing the home version of Qubicle, so once that happens, I will give you animations! You can see Charlie wave to you!

You may be wondering: Why did he re-post his fishmen? Well, I will be making animated battes between the wolfmen and the fishmen!
Leave any feedback you can, and give a :+1: for Charlie!
And as always, suggestions are welcome.


another fellow home-version owner :thumbsup:

im guessing he’s from the offshoot Lovable Clan of werewolves, correct? he’s far too adorable to be slain by my armies… :smile:

Everyone seems to have forgotten my dogmen…poop…

The wolf-men are indeed lovable and cute, but they are mighty hunters! They want to take out orders, don’t try and stop them… Good thing Charlie, the leader, tells them to be friendly to all stonehearthians! Unless they are a nuisance…
I almost feel pity for the fish-men, having an opponent so powerful, the wolves even have better fashion! Loincloths are the new robes!

BTW for all who ask: Here is my reference picture.

Similar, eh?

Good ol’ Charlie!


Poor dear Charlie, where’s his tail? :cry:

(Just kidding. I guess it’s under his garment. And it’s easier not having to animate a tail or anything extra, like wings).

Anyway, cute model :thumbsup:

Challenge Accepted…If I have time and can remember I accepted the challenge…

Attention all Charlie the Wolf-Man fan-club members! A new desktop background is in! The first of many… :smiley: (BTW, this one is a drawing, the next will be a model.)

This took alot of work, and although it’s not a model, give it a :+1: for effort!


wow, that is… really well done @Prof_Crafter! honestly, that is some fantastic fan art!

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Thanks @SteveAdamo I believe Charlie will love it to! :wink:

Update: Sorry for not posting in a while, I have been busy. But I shall start re-posting tomorrow hopefully! :slight_smile:

Alright, I am back! Sorry 'bout the delay, I had schoolwork, but now I have a new model for you! This is the beginning for wolf-man armour! I present to you… The flat-skull helmet!

The skulls are skulls of their recent pray! Carved and made flat to fit the wolf-men’s heads! It also strikes fear into the enemies. Leave a :+1: for the base idea and new armours to come! :smiley:


well, i like it… :smiley:

but i will say its somewhat difficult to distinguish the helmet from the wolf…

And I present to you…The Original Wolfman

I know Im being a bit of a Capcom but it is kind of annoying that everyone has copied me :frowning: or atleast it feels like it, I made this and a bunch of other guys like him around late August (I know because I was working on this during my birthday)

First I saw the picture and thought it is a re-work of the model. I agree, hard to recognize that he is wearing a helmet. Actually I might even like this version a bit more than the other one… as the helmet-less base version.

@Newf … those models do not have too much in common from my point of view, maybe a bit of the idea as you have been playing around with dogs in the past. Please don’t claim that people are copying your models… enjoy the creativity of others and keep working on yours.


Ok, as requested, I re-worked the skull. I added a little crack up top and aswell as skull-like shading!

That is the crack. Aswell as you should see that the skull has un-even tones of grey!

I like the crack, but the skull seems to blend into the fur a bit too much. Perhaps try using a bit more of a bleached bone (so yellowish-tan) color to distinguish them better?

@Paranundrox That is a nice idea! In fact, I will do that!
I present to you:

Skull v2.0
Leave a :+1: if you like!


Yeah, I think that “reads” as a skull much more so than the grey. Plus, it should stand out a lot better when you’re zoomed out as you play.