Fan Art : Shepherd


The development team left, but I have drawn fan art.

Thank you for watching.


@paulthegreat someone made fan art of osmosis-sheep :open_mouth: already!
(sorry Oxchun, bit of a current in-joke :stuck_out_tongue: )
nicely drawn! :slight_smile:


this is adorable ;w;


Hello @Oxchun, this is a really cool art!

I have a YouTube channel and running series on Stonehearth, and in my intros I usually use one game image and add some titles to present the episode. It would be great to showcase your art in these intros. Of course your name will be visible, with proper credits on the video. If you don’t want it’s totally fine, I understand. Just let me know and I can include it on some future episode.

Either way, the art is cool… keep it coming :wink:


Looks great indeed :merry:


Love the style used on the face :heart_eyes:~!
It reminds me of styles used in manga, manhua and webtoon
PS. Sorry for the necro… just logged in after a long time~