Stuff that i'm working on

Hi there!
Symbol here

came to show you, and give you a Hint on what i’m creating currently

This is a drawing i’ll draw soon
inspired by the upcoming StoneHearth music ‘The crucked cottage in the Wizard forest’ (if i’m correct)
and yes, the name inspired a lot of it



Next up is a Hint to my new mob i’m creating
the reason i was asking for help in blender
(i just went and activated the student Max)

I’ll learn how to use Max to export the files later

and i tried animating on Blender and it looks… awesome (can’t go in StoneHearth yet but still)

Now heres the Hind




And by the way, Tell me some Mythical Creatures that you know, and what you’d like to see being made

And if i streamed the proses on twitch, Will you watch it?


Cerberus, Medusa, Pixies, Dragons (all kinds), Basilisk, Unicorn, Centaur, Chimera, Griffin, Cyclops. and tons more

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Thats a lot of good ones!
I already listed some of them, but theres still some that i didn’t think of!

Sure u want more :stuck_out_tongue:

Phoenix, Gorgon, Manticore, Hydra, Satyr, Minotaur, Will-o’-the-wisp, Pegasus, Wendigo, Cockatrice, Wraith, Thunderbird

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what about the dreaded, sheep titan

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lol, Okay that works too

Hey @Hyrule_Symbol, this is already looking like a fantastic drawing. I’m also a big fan of the song that inspired you to draw this, and I’m sure it will tickle @Raj’s belly to know his music was the inspiration behind this piece. Bravo! :clap:


Wow! Can I just say, when I was working on that song, this was exactly the image I had in my mind: bright, colorful, quirky and with a sense of mystery and curiosity. Very Kazuo Oga. You’ve done an excellent job :slight_smile:

I love the puffs of smoke and how the cottage’s crookedness seems to tell its own story. You plucked the picture right out of my mind :wink:

However: I am very greedy. Can I get this in color? I can’t wait to see how this turns out!


Don’t forget the Drulls!

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Really? That’s amazing!

i’m gonna attempt to draw it on the Computer
but that means that it has a good caance of being… weird

Cow titan master race.

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Use a drawing tablet.

it must be done.