The Crooked Cottage in the Wizard's Wood (painted)

Hi there!
Symbol here!

finally with a actual drawing!

well… painting this time really…


inspired by @Raj s fantastic SH music
–The Cooked Cottage in the Wizard’s Wood–
(the name fits quite a bit)

i did get some assistance from my teachers in the Art Private School

because i don’t really use paint… almost never…

but i got only a little assistance, so you can say that this painting is painted by myself (well… almost all)





i’ll go and animate the rest of the Harpy!

Symbol out!


the images is scaled down, this is the link to download the full image


Wonderful. I love this. Especially the coloring on the tree. And the lighting!

Would you mind if I saved this on my computer? :]

The ones down the view was supose to be a little more… purple

and download it if you want!
ther’s a reason i’v put a link to download :slight_smile:

wow, if only i had those kind of skills! i want this as a poster on my wall now. (you should sell prints of it :wink: )

I really like the style! Nice work.

nice work @Hyrule_Symbol! you’ve got all sorts of creative endeavors underway! :smile: :+1: