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Looking forward to this one! I hope you make the hearthlings, when they’re fleeing in terror, look different than the “slowly wave your hands in the air as you run away” animation.

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Wait, I’ve gotta ask something. How long has this forum topic held the heavyweight champion belt of all time most replies and views, exactly?

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Not long enough! :smile:


Is this a thing? IS THIS A THING? Can I please get verification that this is indeed a thing!

Edit: It’s a thing…


Well I mean, this thread has been going strong for somewhere around a year and a half, with constant updates… I can’t think of any other people who have one dedicated thread for their works that has been going on since then…


Yeah. I looked at some of the other large threads, but:
Suggest your Tip of the Day is only 13% the size of this, as is What’s your best player survival tip?
REPEATFEED RᴇᴘᴇᴀᴛFᴇᴇᴅ RepeatFeed is only 18% the size of this.
Multi-Story Buildings is only 19% the size of this.
The largest “Post your Alpha [x] Screenshots[ Here]!” thread is for Alpha 4, but it’s still only 23% of the size of this. If we added all the alpha screenshot threads together, we might see a closer competition. But according to my math-stimation, it’s still quite a bit smaller.
The Steffers Geodamo Siphoning Center For Painting And Stuff is only 39% the size of this.
Pepe’s little voxel & board game corner :] is only 45% the size of this.
The ongoing <a href=""Alpha [x] General Questions thread is only 47% the size of this.
And, of course, Pandemic’s Art and Modding Corner! is 100% the size of this.
…so many memories of those threads. It’s a shame that so many of them have stopped or at least slowed down. Don’t let that happen here, @Pandemic!


I hereby announce “Pandemic’s Art and Modding Corner” has become more of a “district” or an “empire” than a corner. I also declare that it won’t be defeated until Pandemic creates a forum post for “People with swords; a story told and animated by Pandemic!”


That’ll be the day :stuck_out_tongue:

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And when that day comes, everyone one the fourm’s title will be changed to a link to that forum post… AND IT WILL BE GLORIOUS!

Last night I was rendering final on the Battle. Sadly I woke up this morning to find out the file has been corrupted and I need to start over…

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I updated Patreon!

Removed the Custom object in a Mod reward because I can’t code. Edited goals to be more likely to hit. From now on Exclusives are a goal, and I have decided that Patreon’s will get to see my renders a day before the discourse does, because they deserve something nice :smile:

On the Render front! Due to file corruption, I needed to start over. So I have.

Quite different, I’m liking this layout more than the last one. Will be set ablaze soon.


That’s the kind of thing I like to hear :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are you going to put BuckBuck’s in the next render after this one? (That is, if Radiant puts the model for the BuckBuck’s in the games files, that is.)

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Yes. I have a good idea for them :stuck_out_tongue:


Stuffs on fire!!! City seems battle prepped.


Never forget the map games shudder. One of the discussion threads had 20,000 post before it was shut down…

Good work by the way @Pandemic


EofD Update! (End of the Day)

So, I’ve found out that my old file was corrupted and had to start over… AND I AM SO GLAD I DID.

Okay, so from now on I’ll preview without fire because it’s easier on my PC. Added crates and did a few adjustments. Really been trying to hit the fire right, but you can’t see that. Gonna add 4 goblins, and some Royal Guard.

The Goblin Thief will not make an appearance. It would be confusing, He’s a good goblin not the kind to raid a peaceful town. Though another of my notable characters will. Gonna wake up tomorrow, and finish this beast. Hopefully I can have it out to you guys on Tuesday (Since Patreons get it a day before) If you like these previews and stuff I post, please like the post. I know a lot of people love what I make, but the likes drive me to keep going and to push ahead.


Would be awesome to get some tutorials from you!

Once I get a new computer and mic I will be doing tutorials. It’s a goal on Patreon but I plan to do it anyway depending on how fast everything goes on :slight_smile:


Riot in the streets will happen! revolts will burn the castle and slay all the soldiers that are keeping that goblin prisoner!

edit: you could have him hide behind something or have him have a bucket trying to get rid of the fire


I’m still debating having his head popping out of the well, but I’m not thinking it’ll happen