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This thread is for the previews and releases for mods @Avairian and I work on, as well as Artwork and renders I make to share with the community. The mods will focus on further the game experience until a stable base of the games overall systems are in place for bigger ones.

Current Project:

  1. Fan-Made Renderings
  2. Render World Connectivity

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Furniture Expansion Pack -

Skeleton Desktop Rendering - Created with Qubicle, Blender and GIMP

Goblin Desktop Rendering - Created in Qubicle, Blender and GIMP

Trapper Desktop Render - Created in Qubicle, Blender and GIMP

Village Desktop Render - Created in Qubicle, Blender and GIMP

Marketplace Desktop Render - Created in Qubicle, Blender and GIMP

Barracks Desktop Render - Created in Qubicle, Blender and GIMP

Blacksmith Desktop Render - Created in Qubicle, Blender and GIMP

Shepherd Desktop Render - Created in Qubicle, Blender and GIMP

City Gate Desktop Render - Created in Qubicle, Blender and GIMP

Farm Desktop Render - Created in Qubicle, Blender and GIMP

VS Goblin Desktop Render - Created in Qubicle, Blender and GIMP

River Town Desktop Render - Created in Qubicle, Blender and GIMP

City Market Desktop Render - Created in Qubicle, Blender and GIMP

Mine Desktop Render - Created in Qubicle, Blender and GIMP

Display Picture Pack #1: Dropbox - StonehearthPicturePack.rar - Simplify your life

Stonehearth Basic Color Palette: Dropbox - StonehearthBasic.qcp - Simplify your life
QSM Format: Dropbox - Stonehearth Basic - Simplify your life

Thanks for checking out the post, and following it you stalker, as well as downloading whatever mods we make.

For those who frequent DeviantArt, you can keep up on my releases without coming here by going to my DeviantArt page:

I’m on Patreon, if you enjoy what I do and wish to show support:

I’m also on Twitter! I’ll be posting more updates there!

I now have a offical facebook page, head over there for future exclusive updates and maybe the odd treat: PandemicArt - Home | Facebook



i read to this point, and was immediately “sold” in the idea… i hope you’ll be gentle… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

however, given how talented i know you are, i felt a complete read through was warranted before commenting on just that one piece… :smile:

agreed… and i love the color pallette you are using… nice and simple, almost muted… but it works really well… you can clearly see all these units belong to the same parent concept…

love the idea… and i know where i’ll be focusing my efforts… :smile:

awww… now i want a Witch Hunter… decisions, decisions!

i dunno about them messing with the bunny folk (:angry:) , but those models look fantastic… excellent work! :+1:


Very nice work the models look great and the ideas you have for implementing them and each having its own specialization will certainly add more depth to combat and make people think more about what units to create.

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I…Love…It I didn’t think the thief would be doing good i thought they might be like politicians, pirates etc.)

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It took me forever to come up with a possible change to them to make it work. I have some back up ideas for changing it incase it’s the same as the goal.

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I leave for three days and the whole discourse explodes in awesomeness . . . . .


I am curious as to if you made these to kill me…

Snazzy Wolfhat…Im sold! Here is all my money and my first born child, Next you will be giving them a dog/wolf pet companion just to make me fall further in love with them…

Yay @Pandemic! :thumbsup:

Wow, this mod looks great even though we can’t use it yet! I’ll muster all my patience to wait for this! haha :smiley:

Gosh darn it @SteveAdamo, you were one of only two people to be referenced (besides Pandemic himself, as I’m sure the naming of ‘The Pandemic of the False King’ is not entirely coincidental) and you didn’t even notice it…:angry:

@Pandemic I can’t really add much other than what everyone else has said; this is awesome :slight_smile:

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At first when I saw this thread, I thought it was a pandemic mod. But this is cool too.

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wow, amazing work…the coloring on your models is really good. The ideas are good, I dig the background stuff, and you appear to be ahead of the curve in working on this. Well done!

I want to second this, how do you choose your colors?

4 actually, @TobiasSabathius, @SteveAdamo, @ManOfRet and @Miturion .

The Man of Ret one is a play off the definition of Ret, Tand Miturion 's name I scrambled because I couldn’t find something to do wih it.[quote=“eatpoliticians, post:13, topic:5176”]
how do you choose your colors?

The Thief Color Palette is the color palette of the skeleton archer model from a past desktop tuesday, I snagged them from the picture, The Witch hunter was a darkened version of the theif palette with the white being from the black rabbit model I made. The Wolf Legion was taken from the Saw in the Alpha and the belt from the villager.

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You must teach me the ways of making those fancy/amazing/awesomely epic/cool rendered pictures.

Amazing work as always :smile:

wow, i feel like a buffoon… a buffoon i tells ya! i completely missed the reference, and now that i see it, i want to leagally change my last name… :smile:

@Pandemic, i think he likes it… :smile:

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Nah. I only used amazing 3 times. That just goes to show my inner hatred towards his work :wink:


ha! dont sell yourself short… you have some amazing modding skills as well…

me? well, i can play a mean Chopsticks on my iPad… :musical_keyboard:

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If I actually knew what I was doing I’d feel a little better. :wink: That and my own fancy images. Fancy images make everyone feel better :blush:

Pretty sweet! I can’t even do that. hahahaha
I am fairly talented at eating pretty much everything with chopsticks though. (nothing beats a relaxing day eating some tv dinners with them xD)

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nice work, I like the style.