Kitty's Continuations: Pandemic's Furniture Expansion Pack [A23+]

This is a continuation of @Pandemic’s wonderful mod, Furniture Expansion Plus.

It has been updated to work with A23 and onward, including a fix for one of the models thinking it was compressed. It is also now available on Steam!

Version 1.01: Hotfix to correct a wayward comma causing the carpenter UI to freak out >.<

Download: furniture_expansion_plus.smod (6.8 MB)






You’re da best @Kittyodoom!! I love love love the awnings in this mod.

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in that first pic, ore those wall mounted hammocks or sun-shields? (the left red/blue horizonal curtain things)
cause if hammocks, cool!

also, the hatch-into-the-floor looking one, is that -hardly dares ask- functional?

also also, is that a 1x1 wide fireplace(in the second pic)? if so, i need it :open_mouth:

They’re sun-shields. The Archipelago Biome mod has a hammock in it if you’re lookin’ for one.

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They are awnings :slight_smile:

I tried to make the trapdoor functional, but I highly doubt it worked :frowning:

And that is the burning log! I added a fire effect to it :smiley:


I honestly forgot what was in the mod… So much needs updating. Looks like i have work to do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ehm…anyone know what might be causing this?

Here’s the log if it helps: stonehearth.log (37.8 KB)

Doesn’t seem it should be related but worth checking:
‘stonehearth’ has no alias named ‘fiber:wood:coarse_fiber_bundle’ in the manifest.

What if you refresh (f5)?

That’s not related; I typoed in the Plains, which I also had running
I’ll reload and try refreshin

Reloading didn’t do anything :frowning:

stonehearth.log (35.5 KB)

Found it! Had an extra random comma in a json >.<