Kingdom of Bathum w/Furniture Expansion Plus

After the goblins demolished Calgary, we move on to build a new Kingdom, this time with extra furniture :slight_smile:

We are using Pandemic’s Furniture Expansion Plus mod and the latest DEV build, we also start building our two story building.


I apporve of your house design. And the neat side stairs. :thumbsup:

Ah good, was worried the building inspector would tell me to tear it down. You are the building inspector right?


Beware the @Geoffers747… beware… Love the video btw :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hopefully I don’t have any height violations

Whoah, height violations? Buddy, you’ve no idea the trouble you’re in.

Right, I see a complete lack of deforestation permits, building permits, environmental impact assessment reports, there’s no sign of any health and safety assessment either, and your work doesn’t meet any of the requirements for disabled access either. I won’t even go into all the workforce regulations and tax code issues you’ve got. Not that it matters - I see from your video that you’ve not even bothered to promote a single accountant, lawyer or anyone who looks even vaguely like they’d be qualified to help you through or conduct all the assessments you need.

Okay, that’s enough channelling the land of the free’s government :stuck_out_tongue: . Enjoying the videos, and don’t worry about @Geoffers747, he’s very cuddly really :slight_smile: .


Such mixed messages. People will start to think I’m horrible or something. Don’t worry, I’m mostly nice :slight_smile:

The only violations here are 1) Your buildings are no way near high enough to appease the gods, and 2) I see no statue in my honour.

I suggest you remedy these things. Quickly.

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Accidentally updated, so Bathum 2.0 really struggles with the new build

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start too?

Also, i see no potatoes.

Interesting vids… the beard…

So turns out my issues with multi-story buildings, were a PEBKAC issues :), decided to do a video on building multi-story buildings in between episodes.


Revenge of the Hearthlings, Bathum is rebuild again the Hearthlings will have the last laugh.

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Finally finish off our building as the new dev build breaks Stonehearth :frowning: Trying to get it back up and running so we can continue Bathum.

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Update for all my fans, I am back from Toronto and unfortunately I have been having some issues with the latest DEV build and Furniture Expansion Plus, The good news, I am starting a new Stonehearth series that will run beside my Kingdoms series. :slight_smile: The first video will be releasing this afternoon, stay tuned!

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Took out furniture expansion plus due to on going issues, once I can get it working I will include it again it is a good mod, just happened to be having issues as I’m showing it off.

Yes, the city didn’t break between patches :slight_smile: Our Hearthlings workers union go on strike as we attempt to complete our housing.

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