[Dev Blog] Alpha 7 Release Candidate Posted to Steam Unstable Branch



Woot Playing it right now… after it does a quick update! YAY!

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For me, one of the most interesting dev builds in a while! The mason’s models are fantastic, and the shepherd gathering sheep is quite fun. Playing through it a bit I did have some questions and comments though.

  • Ghost items when placing furniture/decor don’t seem to show up when put on roads (plazas) or floors of buildings.
  • What’s the target direction for the shepherd and do they currently have a function? I see they produce bundles of wool but it seems weavers still use silkweed. Maybe it could be a different crafting material so you can make ugly Christmas sweaters or something…
  • Will we be seeing the trappers’ knife soon as a crafted item, since the description says it’s made by a mason? though I’m not sure where bone would come from at this stage. Maybe when we start seeing… yaks.
  • Stone walls, like fences, seem to have trouble connecting in corners; is this being addressed?
  • I remember a desktop Tuesday where Tom introduced a shop feature; any news on that? Would love to sell off all these extra farmed goodies that fill up stockpiles.
  • Will caves be dark in the future?
  • I’m guessing we’ll have a mason’s wall mounted sign soon
  • The braziers are just too cool, don’t even want to use the old garden lamps anymore.
  • I feel like the comfy beds should be a weaver item instead of a carpenter item, since the carpenter’s catalog is already immense, and it feels like the weaver’s essentially adding fabrics to the frame of the already-made mean bed.

Oh yeah, and footmen don’t seem to like sheep very much… and sheep have blow-absorbing wool that completely mitigates damage or just no function for taking damage.

Edit, apparently footmen also commit suicide… I’d bug report this but I honestly have no clue how that happened D:


Edit: Just realized there’s a bug report for this up already.


I really like the update. Although it is weird to have sunshine inside the underground cave. It would be cooler if the light came only from lamps and fires.

Here is something I started building. A secret hideout. Even goblins cant find it :smile:


good catch… hopefully that’s something that has been noticed/will be addressed…

love the hideout! :+1:

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Once this gets to a point where I’m not always on the edge of my seat wondering if the game’s going to crash I’ll be thrilled! :smile:

But I get that this is alpha and know that everything will come together in time. All the new features are really great! For the short time I tinkered I found mining to be quite intuitive.


Gah! What’s this so soon!
Although the thought of inminent release crossed my mind when Tom was making the splashscreen, as it’s a reason to work on it :wink: …

:running: runs to Steam
Dying of cuteness…

excuse my lagged computer :cry:

Also noticed you shouldn`t be able to have a farm underground…

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