[Dev Blog] Alpha 7 Steam latest branch updated to build 188


Ooooo… coatssss…

Bug Fixes

  • Add game tips to the loading screen
  • New craftable winter coats from the Weaver
  • Fix game speed stuttering on some systems
  • Fix bug causing ghosted doors, windows, and placeable items to become
    invisible when toggling X-ray views.
  • The character sheet no longer closes the citizen management screen
  • The character sheet now properly displays citizen information when
    clicking through your citizens

wait… am I the first to say it?

Winter is coming…

:smile: :+1:


Honestly, I knew this would happen today :laughing:

Long live the coats! (for all who have freezing weather these days)


@Tom, why did the changes for item categories (filter in stockpiles) not make it for r188? You fixed some of them in a past livestream.

@SteveAdamo will someone hear me or should I flag when I find important news in the reports? :hushed:

let’s tag @sdee … just to be safe… :wink:

edit: hey folks! out with the family tonight, so I won’t be attending the stream… play nice! :smile:

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You know I sat down for a few hours and did some digging and building and playing around fully expecting a crash due to my graphics card which I was then going to investigate. That never happened. Stability improves with every update! :smile:


That looks so good… nice work!

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there, fixed that for ya… :smile: :+1:


It looks nice, When i get mining in the 7 update then i will then make an underground City :smiley: