[ Dev Blog ] Steam Latest Branch Updated to Build release-201



Awesome changes on the citizens, can’t wait to see them in action. Felt like I most of my village was dedicated to food production at times.


lol i had a massive 3 story underground food bunker just to keep the population growing. also good to see the net worth requirement higher, it was never anywhere close to the net worth i had accumulated.
also thank you for reducing the ore requirements. looking forward to more recipes that require metal!


Goblins no longer sleep in your beds

love the update… but it has me wondering: will “goblins in the bed” somehow become the new “arrow in the knee”? :smile:


Anyone who has played the new build, did they add in the shields from the stream?

No, that will be out with full Alpha 8

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I figured they would hold it off. But i’ll take bug fixes and tweaks as well. :smiley:

Yeah, Tom needs to make sure all adjustments are done on the villagers to the shield and weapon. Some tweaks he wasn’t happy with yet.

Sadly, the silver bar’s recipe is still 4…

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When I saw the goblin climb into one of my beds, I was sort of hoping I could adopt him. Oh well…