Tales of Stonehearth: People with Swords

This is the forum thread where from now on I’ll be posting updates regarding my web-series.

Tales of Stonehearth will be a completely animated web-series comprising of 10-20 episodes per season which will be 10-15 minutes each. I want this project to be community powered, meaning I will use a bunch of ideas,concepts, and models made by the Stonehearth community.

THIS IS NOT FOR PROFIT! This project is merely a fan series and will in no way be used for profit.

Currently I am in pre-production. I have the main characters created and are mostly ready for animation.

To get everything going I need help from the community for the following:

  • Sets - I will not have time to create all of the sets in the series, I will require help from people to get them done.
  • Misc. Models - I will be spending most of my time from now until I have a good grasp of everything will be spent learning to animate in Blender, I will need animals, enemies and other models made BY YOU, the community. Details will come soon.
  • Exporters - As it stands I do not have the ability to export models from Qubicle into Blender. I would like to have some people to help with that.

This project will be my main project, for people who help this may not be the case. IF you wish to help PM me over the discourse forum with how you want to help and how often you will be able too.

This project as it stands is only me working on it, meaning it will be months before I can get anything out to you guys. The more people I have helping, the fast it will come out to the general public. If you want to see some of the assets I have created so far go to these threads:

  1. My personal creations thread: Pandemic's Qubicle Creations
  2. Voxel Pirate’s Unofficial Template Thread: Unofficial Model- and Template-Files for Qubicle

Feel free to leave idea, suggestions or feedback by replying to this thread. I may or may not send invitations to the project to specific people. Thanks for your support and feedback I look forward to working with anyone who wants to assist me!


Can’t wait man. This sounds amazing. Can you give any names of characters?

Atm, I don’t have many names picked out, and what I do have picked out I have already shared on my personal creations thread.

I have Tobias The Goblin, Tytonis, and The False King. I am still very much in pre-production (Planning stage)

Do you have a base female model? If not, I can send you mine. Its a mostly-replicated version of the one shown in screenshots, but it has no hair so I (or you, if you need the model), can add hair onto it easily.

EDIT: I’ll be on hand for the rest of the night and all day tomorrow if you want any models. I’m excited for your series, and would really love to lend you a hand. Just ask!

How about you name one of the characters Ret the Man? I can sponsor/promote the series on my YT channel.

sounds good to me @Pandemic!

but seriously, i cant wait to see the these start rolling out… sounds fantastic!


I plan on doing something similar and I’m sure a lot of other people will too. I plan on writing and creating my own stories and characters. I’m sure this won’t be an issue but. Make sure to ask people for their permission before using their work. Do you plan on using voice actors?

I do I do, I have 20 people just waiting for the call :smiley:

If you’d like, you’re more than welcome to use any of these names, I’ve taken em all from Radiant livestreams, youtube videos, etc. They are wonderfully Stonehearthian :smile:

Edit: On second thought, maybe you don’t want to read a five hundred word story to find four different names, haha, so here they are :tongue:. Samson Moonstoke, Illowyn Farstrider, Godric Greenskin, and of course, Mer Burlyhands

I already plan for Mr. Burlyhands to make a camo xD

Sure hope nothing bad happens to him.
:gun: :cold_sweat:

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of course not @naturalnuke of course not!

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Good, good. :smile: Well wish you luck.


I have 76 out of 139 models ready for exporting and animation, should be done by tomorrow night. Working out the design for the city of Thanatos (Bonus points for people who knows what the city is named after). I really like the design and feel of Riften from Skyrim with the wooden bridges and river going through town but I need to finished the landscape design before I do anything more other than being a butcher. I really suck at landscapes.

I need a exporter to export a few models for me, let me know if you can help me out.

More updates to come in the coming days


The Greek daemon of Death?

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I always find myself coming back to Whiterun, I have no idea why, I want to move house, god knows I should with all the weird blue “Ghostly Remains” laying around the place, but I just can’t quit it!

Anyway I’m really looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us Pandemic!

looks for the brain asplosion emote


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Hey guys quick update:

I am working on the trailer set and I have a big help to ask you guys for. go over to Stonehearth Kingdom and vote for me in the tiebreaker so I can get Home edition and get this series off the ground that much faster.

http://www.stonehearthkingdom.com/topic/746-a-vote-to-break-the-qubicle-contest-tie/ Yuo will need an account but this would be great help to me and the series!

Looks like you’re already set to win. Those forums do appear to be a bit dead, though…

I thought you already owned Home edition, though. I didn’t realize having someone else export models for you wasn’t ‘frowned upon.’ Maybe someone would be willing to help me out with some exports? :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: Having a large lead is better than a minimal one. If I win I can export some stuff for you :stuck_out_tongue: