Qubicle constructor is awsome

so i wanted to test out how it works, took a bit to figure out the controls and how things worked but i thought i test out by making one of the wallpapers as a guide, (this was using the free one am thinking about buying qubicle constructor to make some mods when the game release) but a couple hours i finished it

i really love this game and cant wait for this to come out until then am try create some fan art XD


nicely done @Deathscythe … so, did you make a wallpaper from this model as well? :smile:

not to sure how everything works, just made that as a test.

Not bad at all. Mind you I think you made a few small errors but you’re off to a great start (better than mine was at least). Keep it up!

Welcome to the Qubicle- and (soon) Modding-Club of Stonehearth :smile:. Looking forward for your next pieces of fine craftsmanship.