Radiant is looking for a concept artist

yeah you heard me, they are looking for a concept artists! :smiley:


I’m eager to see who will join our beloved team :slight_smile:

Don’t worry guys.

I got this one.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen some of my work but it’s pretty good, I can upload some if need be.


I would personally “Love” to see some of Geoffers work! cough, disbelief!

Okay, give me some inspiration and I’ll deliver.

Well, I mean, there’s the epic illustration you did of @not_owen_wilson as Gandalf! I would be thrilled to see more of that in Stonehearth. We can’t wait to see your portfolio :slight_smile:


Don’t worry I’m working on a ‘piece’ now, I’ll post it shortly.

Edit: The ‘piece’ is a clue.


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Just to know, the design of the art has to look like at your different concepts art like the wallpaper of the Geomancer?

Ideally, they’d be local, so they could have as fast a turnaround as possible with the rest of the team. But depending on their portfolio and their enthusiasm for Skype, distance might not be a deal-breaker.

A good artist, like a good engineer, should be able to work in a variety of mediums and styles. It’s OK if it doesn’t look exactly like the stuff in Tom’s concepts, as long as it can express the same kind of energy.

I suppose I have to live there, right?

sighs :frowning:

Ok, back to the shelf you all!

stuffs a lot of drawings back into a shelf

Well, you could share them anyway, as @Geoffers747 is illustrating :slight_smile: After we see them, we promise to feel very bad that you won’t move out here.


I was just honing my drama skills since most of my recent work is actually digital :smiley:
but ok, I suppose I’ll share a fantasy-themed landscape that represents my sadness.


Oh, that’s gorgeous! :slight_smile: Love the cozy feeling in the town, the water, the clouds, and the tension in the imbalance. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: It’s full of detail in full-size although I never really liked how the rocks turned out :frowning: lol

Anyway, good luck for everyone who tries :smile:

EPIC! My Friend… EPIC!!

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Damn, I’m good, but not good enough.

If I was to attack this castle Saruman style… I know what I would blow up hehehehehe :wink: Great work, looks awesome :smiley: Maybe make a little thread of your own?:slight_smile:


i really want to apply but i live in Australia, i have a diploma in games tech (tech art).

I would apply but my skills are a bit rusty. I like to draw since I can remember, but I’ve been leaving it apart because of my studies. I had knowledge of anatomy when I was a little kid and copied my dolls. When I switched to manga style I lost it all :frowning:
Oh well, I think I can still manage to do chibi style. I wonder how would it be a good representation of Stonehearth’s environment…

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